GoDaddy, F*ck you!

By pim on Monday 15 April 2013 23:10 - Comments (38)
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Yesterday I signed up with Godaddy to register a domain name.
After I paid & registered the domain, I configured everything, and 2 hours later my website(that I made earlier) was live.
Today i've got an email that my account is blocked(?!), and that they will cancel it, if I wouldn't sent my ID, and provide a brief explanation on how I intend to use my domain. Right now my account is BLOCKED.

WTF?! It's none of your f*cking business what I'm going to do with my domains. If I'm violating a policy, email me.. But asking me on forehand what my plans with a domain name are?
If this would be for hosting for example, I don't care. I'd just switch to another one. But a domain name is unique, and therefore irreplaceable. And threatening to cancel an account, while MY domain is already in it?

Even if my domain name would be "", then I'll take responsibility for that, I don't need a registrar be the judge.
And if you find my registration for whatever reason suspicious, tell me during registration, instead of after you received my money.

My brief explanation was by the way that it's none of their business. (IF my domain was something weird or suspicious I'd be happy to give them an explanation).
Wonder if they'll cancel my account. Could even find it funny, Godaddy canceling an account because I'm not telling them how I'm going to use it.
Thank you for being our valued customer. Your account has been selected by our
verification office as a precautionary measure to defend you from possible misuse
of either your payment method or products in shopper account *************.

During the login process, our secure site will prompt you to upload a viewable,
scanned copy of the payment method account holder's government-issued photo
identification, such as a driver's license or passport. In the comments box,
we ask that you also provide a brief explanation of how you intend to use the
product(s) purchased. If we do not receive the requested documentation within
the next 48 hours, your order(s) may be cancelled for your protection.

Verification Office